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Design Is In The Details

• Creates a leak-free seal that moves seamlessly with your body.

• Reduces pressure so there’s no discomfort during wear, or when it’s time to remove your cup.

• Ergonomic shape means our cup just fits and works for pretty much everyone! Two sizes allow for customized fit based on your body and needs.

• Bloated? Lighter flow? Grab for the small. Busy day? Need capacity to sleep through the night without leaks? The size regular is there for you.

• Maximum capacity without the bulky, uncomfortable feeling that tampons and traditional cups can give you.

• Patented curvature settles perfectly just above your pubic bone and follows the natural curves of your body to optimize the fit and feel. In fact, you’ll probably forget it’s even there!

• Little or no pressure on your bladder, so if you are sensitive, or just appreciate comfort and good design, this cup is for you!

• No poking stem when you sit or abrasive grips. The super flexible and strong removal stem is right where you want it to make removal easy. You don’t even have to take your rings off ;)

• We’ve eliminated that feeling of panic. Unlike most cups, you can easily reach our cup. After a cycle or two, if you find you don’t need the longer stem, just adjust it to your liking.

Patented Kind Cup Menstrual Cup design puts your experience first. Easy to reach stem. Flexible stem adjusts shorter. Curved for comfort. Form-fitting shape maximizes capacity and comfort. Flexible seal. Leak free period care and comfort does go together.