August 04, 2020 3 min read

We are so pleased to share our first video review in Spanish! Victoria from Copa Menstrual México gives an in-depth review of her experience with Kind Cup, from the cup design, to the included information, to our philosophy as a brand. While we don't currently have a full transcript or English captions available, here are a few highlights from Victoria's review.

It was great to try this cup. I liked it a lot, and it really exceeded my expectations.

(Fue muy agradable probar esta copita. Me gustó mucho, y realmente superó las expectativas que tenía.)

When talking about Kind Cup's design, Victoria searches for a word to describe the asymmetrical shape - something like "teardrop" form (gotita), and she asks her audience for suggestions about what to call the shape since it's new and different and they need a word for it!

Stem – passed the test!

(Apéndice - ¡pasó la prueba!)

Victoria also shares that she is not a fan of stems, because rather than using the stem to locate the base and breaking the seal from there, some people try to pull their cups straight out by the stem, which doesn't work. However, she did not cut the stem off her Kind Cup, and actually really liked the stem because it's thin and flexible, and did not cause irritation. She says, "It’s truly a very friendly stem." (La verdad es que es un apéndice muy amigable.)

I didn’t feel any discomfort while using it.

(No sentí ninguna molestia al momento de estarla usando.)

Although Victoria had some initial doubts about the shape of the cup, and the long stem, she found Kind Cup to be very comfortable.

I really, really liked these instructions. They tackle a lot of things that I haven’t seen mentioned by other brands.

(Es un instructivo que me gustó muchísimo. Aborda muchas cositas que no he visto que mencionan en otras marcas.)

Victoria mentions that although many cups come with a lengthy instruction booklet, it usually turns out to be one page of information printed in many languages. She is very appreciative of the depth of information provided with Kind Cup.

It was so nice to get to know this brand, and the people who are behind this brand. I loved it.

(Fue muy agradable conocer esta marca y conocer a la gente que está detrás de esta marca. Me encantó.)

Victoria also speaks about Kind Cup's sensitivity to inclusive language and accessibility. She explains that in the Copa Menstrual México Facebook Group there are people who are deaf/hard of hearing or low vision, for example, and not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman, so it's good to remind ourselves that the way we say things and present information does matter.

Thank you so much to Victoria and Copa Menstrual México for this awesome video!


YouTube Channel: Copa Menstrual México
Facebook Group: Copa Menstrual México
Instagram: @copamenstrualmx

*Please note - Kind Cup is only available to ship in the United States at this time, but please support our Kickstarter campaign so we can move closer to our goal of offering international shipping in the future!!

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Emily Morrill
Emily Morrill

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