The Kind Cup Story

Our story begins in summer 2011, the weekend of D.C. Pride, with Christine Brown, Kind Cup designer and founder learning about period cups from a friend. Trying a cup shortly after that, it was immediately clear -- there was no going back to pads or tampons! Feeling better physically, saving money, and no longer contributing to period waste, Brown had ideas and desires for menstrual cup design improvements bouncing around in their head. 

In 2015, still not seeing improvements to menstrual cup functionality and design, Brown decided to do an internet search to see if anyone else was wanting or needing design improvements. Hundreds of results came back of cup users sharing their frustrations with the products at that time and feeling as though something was wrong with their bodies. Brown couldn’t read yet another comment of someone feeling something was wrong with their body, when to Brown, it was clear - there was absolutely nothing wrong with them - they just needed a period product that was intentionally designed to fit them. To Brown, everyone deserved to have the positive experience of a comfortable, effective, and easy-to-use period product. 

After many years of hard work and late nights, bootstrapping yet keeping true to the vision of providing the highest quality, most sustainable product in all steps of the process, we are thrilled to offer this exceptional period product option to people.

As an independently female owned business, we are intentional about who we partner with.
This focus is a core part of being both kind to your body and the environment.

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