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Unwavering Curiosity And Passion For Good Design Led To Kind Cup

The Kind Cup story begins with Christine Brown, Kind Cup designer and founder. The first menstrual cup Christine was introduced to was, oddly enough, sitting out on a friend's nightstand while they were getting ready to celebrate pride in Washington D.C. in 2011.  What started as a conversation about how menstrual cups made periods so much more convenient and sustainable, planted the seed for what would later become Kind Cup. 

Dozens of new menstrual cup brands entered the market in the years following, yet a critical aspect was still missing - a menstrual cup design that worked with and complimented the natural curvature and movements of the body, so Christine got to work.

From the start, Brown believed cups could be more comfortable, effective, and easy to use - which is exactly what we’ve created.

As a small, bootstrapped startup, it’s been a lot of work, but we are fueled and humbled by the feedback that our innovative cup design has created a more positive experience in the lives of people with periods, while also creating a positive impact on the planet.

We are excited to continue building as a brand on our vision and ethos of being “kind to your body, the earth, and others.” 

As an independently female owned business, we are intentional about who we partner with.
This focus is a core part of being both kind to your body and the environment.

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At Kind Cup, transparency, quality, sustainability - doing the right thing matters.

When we say "kind to your body, the earth, and others" it's because we want to provide a period product that not only creates a positive experience for our users, but creates a positive environmental and social impact as well. 
(Click here for more about our Kind Impact initiative.)

We've gone the extra mile to create a new standard when it comes to the quality and sustainability of all the materials involved and went beyond the minimum FDA requirements by using the highest quality silicone we could source. The silicone is 100% medical grade, and pigment for our cups with color use 100% medical grade pigment. Both are well-suited and appropriate for the collection of menstrual fluids, and conforms to the following biological testing protocols: systemic toxicity, intracutaneous toxicity, and 7-day implant.

Whether this is your first menstrual cup, or your 12th (not even exaggerating... one user wrote us that our unique design is the first cup to finally work!), we can't wait for you to try Kind Cup for yourself and say goodbye to single-use products!