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  • Podcast feature with A Sustainable Mind

    Kind Cup founder Christine Brown connects with Marjorie Alexander of A Sustainable Mind podcast to discuss menstrual cup innovation, design, and sustainability.
  • Red Herring: Kind Cup Video Review, and Kickstarter goal reached!

    We are thrilled to share the latest video review of our Kind Cup Size Regular cup, by cup advocate and enthusiast Red Herring. Plus, our Kickstarter campaign is now fully funded!
  • Copa Menstrual México: Kind Cup Video Review

    We are so pleased to share our first video review in Spanish! Victoria from Copa Menstrual México gives an in-depth review of her experience with Kind Cup, from the cup design, to the included information, to our philosophy as a brand.
  • Kickstarter, Size Small reveal, and Official National Launch!

    We are beyond excited to introduce Kind Cup Size Small! The highly anticipated reveal of this expansion of the Kind Cup line coincides with our Kickstarter campaign (check it out to pre-order Size Small!) and our Official National Launch.
  • Reflections on Historic Events

    Menstrual justice is social justice, and our actions from day one support that belief. However, to fully support true equity, we must address systemic, root inequities that have historically marginalized BIPOC.

  • Interview with Melmira on DPAN.TV

    We are excited to share our first interview with you all! Melmira from the Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN) chats with Kind Cup founder and designer Christine Brown.

  • Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day!

    Kind Cup believes that menstrual justice is social justice, and we are committed to helping create a world where no person is limited because of their period. Read on to find out more about our Kind Impact!
  • ItsJustKelli: Kind Cup Video Review

    We've just received a fantastic new review of Kind Cup and we're so happy we have to share it!  Spoiler alert, Kelli *LOVED* Kind Cup, and we've got all the feels over here that it was such a positive experience for her...and that Kind Cup is now tied for her favorite cup!
  • How COVID-19 is Transforming Bathroom Habits from Bidets to Menstrual Cups

    In this article, Kind Cup founder Christine Brown writes about sustainability and menstrual products in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Experts at Put A Cup In It: Kind Cup Video Review

    "I really, really love this cup, and I'll tell you why I love it so much. It's easy and it really just works." See what Put A Cup In It admin, Kim, has to say in her video review about Kind Cup's unique design features, packaging, carry bag, and mission.
  • Podcast with Direct Relief on Period Poverty

    Kind Cup Founder Christine Brown sat down with our partner Direct Relief to share some insights regarding the benefits of menstrual cups.
  • Kind Cup Review & Giveaway in ASL with Bethany Gehman

    A huge thank you to Sex Education in ASL with Bethany Gehman for this wonderful video review of Kind Cup.
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