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In this blog, we will provide some top tips and tricks on the following topic: 
Getting your seal so that you can avoid leaks, feel confident, and love your Kind Cup!
As you know, once you have your seal, you are good to go! :) 
First, let's be honest - with menstrual cups (or any period product), there's no company or design that can work 100% for absolutely every person and every body. While we absolutely LOVE the five star reviews and feedback from customers who rave that Kind Cup is such a game changer for them, we also love when customers reach out for support so that we can help provide that personalized tip or trick that can truly make all the difference! After all, that's why we started this company - to try and make a meaningful, positive difference in peoples lives. :)
If you are an experienced cup user, or have tried other cups, big name brands out there almost always use much firmer silicone, and/or have much thicker designs. So using a softer cup, like Kind Cup, with our unique, ergonomic shape takes some customers a slight adjustment to have it work seamlessly with their body. In general though, they find that taking a moment to follow our suggested instructions really helps. As an experienced cup user, sometimes we end up following the muscle memory and extra modifications we might have used while using prior cups, but with Kind Cup, our suggested insertion to get the seal is usually all that's needed.
Our website has a digital version of our instructions here for reference:
For both experienced cup users and those new to cups, we encourage you to find what works best for you/your body to actually secure the seal. And please reach out with any questions for personalized support when the time comes - we are here for you! :)
Okay - tips to get the seal:
- First, make sure to boil the cup for about 5 minutes prior to first use per the included instructions. That can help firm the cup just a touch more to open more easily.
- Just before insertion, you can run the cup under cold water to help firm the silicone to help open more easily.
- Sometimes using a little bit of water based lubricant can help the cup to insert and open more easily if the issue is getting the cup into place in order to secure the seal. 
- Inserting a clean finger after you insert the cup, and gently pressing outwards on your vaginal wall to assist in creating a little more space for the cup to open fully. (Try allowing air to reach above the upper ring in case there's a bit of a vacuum seal that's not allowing the cup to open.)
- Moving the cup/twisting/rotating, or inserting it higher and then bearing down slightly as you do a slight push and pull to feel for a secure seal.
Note: While getting used to any new period product, it's always a good idea to wear period underwear, or a reusable liner, as backup just in case for peace of mind while you find what works for you. This backup is also not a bad idea for your heavy days in case you have some residual fluids that might lead to spotting.
It's truly worth sticking with it to find what works best for your body since something simple might make all the difference. Again, we are here to support your success! :)
There's plenty more helpful information available on our website, as well as social media accounts, and of course, you are always encouraged to e-mail us with an update for personalized support.
Again, please feel free to share an update, or any other feedback you have so we can narrow down and provide more specific support. 
We want you to find success and love your Kind Cup!
- Kind Cup Team

Christine Brown
Christine Brown

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