Kind Cup Menstrual Cup
Kind Cup menstrual cup measurements
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Kind Cup Menstrual Cup
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Kind Cup Menstrual Cup

Kind Cup Menstrual Cup

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Includes one 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup, earth-friendly linen carry bag, and printed instructions for use including tips & FAQs.

With our unique, patent-pending ergonomic shape, our users experience comfortable, leak-free periods. The elongated removal stem, which can be adjusted if needed, is unnoticeable, yet sturdy and long enough for those with a higher cervix.

Kind Cup Size Small suggested for those:
- teens, 20s and up (due to our unique shape)
- those with an average to high cervix (lower cervix might also be possible)
- who prefer a smaller cup
Kind Cup Size Regular suggested for:
- ages 20s and up (due to our unique shape)
- those with an average to high cervix
- those who have had a full-term pregnancy

PLEASE NOTE: do not cut the stem until after several uses to be sure you will be able to reach your cup from the base. Read more tips here.

You know your body and needs best. These are general suggestions to help guide you.
All of our high quality, sustainable materials are sourced and manufactured within two hours of our company location in California.
Each purchase helps support our Kind Impact and overall commitment to increasing menstrual cup access to those in traditionally underserved communities.

*We currently only ship within the United States due to regulatory requirements, but plan to offer international shipping in the future!*

FSA/HSA reimbursement eligible by submitting your receipt to your FSA/HSA provider as per section 3702 of the CARES Act.
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