Kind Impact - Making a positive impact together. 36 clinics and 2 schools served, 391 cups donated, $2,217.52 from you. Photos from some of our partner non-profit clinics.

Kind Impact Report: Paying it Forward: To date, 528 customers included a donation during checkout. $10,425.01 total value of Kind Cups donated. 36 clinics in the Direct Relief network and 2 schools received Kind Cup donations.

A Letter From Our Founder

Locations of the 36 health clinics and 2 schools that received Kind Cup  menstrual cup donations. Map of United States shows red dots all over the states.

We are excited to continue expanding access to menstrual cups for those in need and welcome opportunities to expand this commitment to menstrual equity via aligned collaborations.

Want to join this work towards menstrual equity and support our Kind Impact? Reach out to us or pay it forward by making a donation.

All donations go towards a fund that is used to help cover the cost of cups that we donate to our non-profit partners. If you select to pay it forward, you will become one of our active partners in helping to reduce period poverty and increase access to a high quality, sustainable menstrual product that can truly make an impact. We will continue to donate all that we can as we grow, but with your additional support, it will bring us closer to meeting the needs of those in the Direct Relief network, as well as other non-profits and schools. Information from all collected funds and donations will be updated on this page periodically.

Donations can be made by adding a Kind Impact donation to your cart in our Store, or by adding a donation at checkout.

Are you as passionate about menstrual justice and eradicating period poverty as we are? Want to learn how to get involved? Contact us!

The movement is now. The future is in our hands - join us.