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We are committed to raising the bar on menstrual cup design, quality, and access, and welcome partners who can increase awareness and create social impact by working to help reduce period poverty.

With many local and international organizations already doing fantastic work, we decided early on that we didn't want to reinvent the wheel when it came to our social justice component of increasing awareness and access to this sustainable menstrual product.

Kind Cup donation at Direct Relief facility

That's why we've chosen to work with select partners such as Direct Relief who can use their incredible distribution network to get Kind Cup into the hands of those who might not otherwise have access to period products.

Kind Cup was honored and excited to provide Direct Relief with their first ever donation of menstrual cups! On November 25, 2019, 150 Kind Cups were donated and were distributed to seven women’s reproductive health clinics and free clinics throughout their U.S. network. A second small donation was made on March 6, 2020. The cups are providing crucial, high quality, and sustainable period care to those with low income or who are experiencing homelessness. To date, our cups have gone to facilities in Virginia, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and nine locations throughout our home state of California. These facilities provide care to underserved communities.

Click here for a podcast by Direct Relief on the topic of period poverty and menstrual cups. Kind Cup founder Christine Brown is included in the discussion.

In the future, both Kind Cup and Direct Relief hope to be able to expand access to menstrual cups for those in need.

Want to help support our Kind Impact? You can pay it forward by making a donation.

Kind Impact Report Infographic

All donations will go towards a fund that will be specifically used to help cover the cost of cups that we donate to our non-profit partners. If you select to pay it forward, you will become one of our active partners in helping to reduce period poverty and increase access to a high quality, sustainable menstrual product that can truly make an impact. We will continue to donate all that we can as we grow, but with your additional support, it will bring us closer to meeting the needs of those in the Direct Relief network. Information from all collected funds and donations will be updated on this page periodically.

Donations can be made by adding by adding a Kind Impact donation to your cart in our Store, or by adding a donation at checkout.

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Are you as passionate about menstrual justice and eradicating period poverty as we are? Want to learn how to get involved? Contact us!

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