Kind Cup

Kind Impact: Donation + Sticker

"Kind to your body, the earth, and others" is more than just our tagline - it is the heart and guiding ethos of everything we do.
Kind Cup committed to reducing period poverty from the start by partnering with a local non-profit, Direct Relief, that has distributed our donated cups to clinics throughout their U.S. network, providing access to underserved communities.

Want to help support our Kind Impact?

All donations go towards a fund that is specifically used to help cover the cost of cups that we donate to our non-profit partners. By joining our Kind Impact or selecting to pay it forward during the checkout process, you will become one of our active partners in helping to reduce period poverty and increase access to a high quality, sustainable menstrual product that can truly make an impact. We will continue to donate all that we can as we grow, but with your additional support, it will bring us closer to meeting the needs of those in the Direct Relief network. Information from all collected funds and donations will be updated on our Kind Impact page periodically.

The movement is now. The future is in our hands - join us.

*There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for Kind Impact Donations + Sticker :)

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