Experts at Put A Cup In It: Kind Cup Video Review

When folks who are passionate about menstrual products are fans of Kind Cup and the work we're doing, we're naturally going to geek out a bit and plug their great work!

Huge thanks to the menstrual cup experts at Put A Cup In It for this awesome video review of Kind Cup! Put A Cup In It provides a wealth of information about different cups on the market today and how to use them, as well as ways to connect with a community of cup users. (See below for links.)

We know we haven't shared much about Kind Cup's unique design, but that's partly because the numerous patent-pending design elements that are seamlessly integrated into Kind Cup are a result of us thinking it through so that our users don't have to. One of our goals at Kind Cup is to provide a user-friendly design that streamlines the learning curve for new cup users, while surprising experienced cup users with how comfortable and effective a menstrual cup can be. After all, that's what you want with a product like this!

As Kim mentions in her video, we are working on our Kind Cup Size Small, so keep posted for updates on that.

Another recent Put A Cup In It (PACII) video gives more insight behind the three main categories of menstrual cup shapes. This video sheds light on why our ergonomic cup might be a great option compared to a ball or traditional bullet shape cup.

We are huge fans of all the fantastic information Kim & Amanda provide about cups on their website, YouTube channel, and incredible online community of cup users and fans. If you want to get real-time community insight, you can request to join the Put A Cup In It Community on Facebook.

By making the #switchtokind, you are joining our Kind Community in being kind to your body, the earth, and others. That's something to celebrate :)
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