Interview with Melmira on DPAN.TV

Melmira and Kind Cup Interview
We are excited to share our first interview with you all! Melmira from the Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN) reached out to learn more about our recently launched company and novel menstrual cup design. Kind Cup founder and designer, Christine Brown, had so much fun chatting with Melmira, sharing insights, answering questions, and offering tips to enable cup users to feel confident about their bodies and the process of using a menstrual cup. As a deaf-owned business, we are thrilled to be increasing awareness about this design and product that is "kind to your body, the earth, and others" directly with the deaf and signing community in ASL (American Sign Language). And for any non-signers, don't worry, the video interview has English captions. :)

Links to more Melmira!
Instagram: @melmira
Facebook: MELMIRA
YouTube channel:  Melissa Elmira Yingst

If you missed our very first video/product review of Kind Cup where Bethany Gehman (@sexeducationasl) shares her experience using Kind Cup in ASL, you can still check it out! Click here for link.
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