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May 07, 2020 2 min read

We've just received a fantastic new review of Kind Cup and we're so happy we have to share it! (If you would like to see comments and links, click here to watch the video directly on Kelli's YouTube channel.)

Kelli "ItsJustKelli" recently gave an in-depth review of her thoughts and experience with Kind Cup ...and our family grown avocados! Kelli is a lifestyle vlogger, and is passionate about normalizing periods and providing support for folks in their menstrual cup journey.

Spoiler alert, Kelli *LOVED* Kind Cup, and we've got all the feels over here that it was such a positive experience for her - and are absolutely thrilled to learn it's now tied as her favorite cup! We are excited that more and more people are eager to give Kind Cup a try and experience for themselves why our patent-pending ergonomic design makes such a difference!

The entire video is worth a watch, but if you only have 30 seconds to spare, watch from 11:29 - 12:04.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to connect with Kelli on this and collaborate with someone who is equally passionate about our commitment to providing a menstrual cup option that can hopefully make a difference in all the ways that matter.

Best to you all and stay safe everyone :)

P.S. It still cracks me up that Kelli spontaneously plugged our family grown avocados! I guess it's like that saying: A good menstrual cup is like a good avocado - if it's the best you've ever had, you can't help but rave about it. That's how the saying goes, right? ;)

Picture of avocados by ItsJustKelli
Showing some love for our California grown avocados :)
Photo credit: @itsjustkelli

Feel free to follow/subscribe if you're a fan of her transparent and real approach!

Christine Brown
Christine Brown

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