Red Herring: Kind Cup Video Review, and Kickstarter goal reached!

We are thrilled to share the latest video review of our Kind Cup Size Regular cup! Kind Cup reached out to Anakalia (aka Red Herring), who is a knowledgeable and insightful cup advocate and enthusiast. In under ten minutes, she shares her thoughts, tips, and detailed insight regarding her experience using our cup! It was a pleasure to connect with Anakalia on this, and we are truly excited each and every time we learn that our innovative design works so well for another person.

Links to more Red Herring!

YouTube Channel: RedHerringTV
Facebook: Red Herring TV
Instagram: @redherringtv
Pinterest: RedHerringTV

Also - it's a big week for Kind Cup!

Kind Cup Kickstarter Fully Funded!

We reached our Kickstarter funding goal of $10,000 on Monday morning! To all the incredibly generous individuals who came together to support our product, vision, and pre-order our new Size Small cup - thank you. Because of your support, we can now fully realize this product line expansion and soon provide this excellent cup option to younger users and those who prefer a smaller cup.

There's two weeks left in the campaign, so don't miss out on the special discounted pricing for our upcoming Size Small and for our combo pack (Size Regular & Size Small)!


Thank you all for joining and supporting us on this journey!

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