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July 28, 2020 2 min read

Our Kind Cup Kickstarter is now live!


We are beyond excited to introduce Kind Cup Size Small! You can now get first access to our size small cup via our Kickstarter campaign - be sure to get in on our early bird specials for the best deals :) You can also check out our new Kind Cup video to learn more about our journey as a company and goals with our campaign.

 The Kickstarter funding goal of $10,000 will help pay the remaining 50% deposit that is due for the tooling used in manufacturing our new size small cup. And if we reach that goal, then we can aim for additional reach goals such as adding the option of a cup with color, and starting the process for offering international shipping! Your support at any level will help us grow and expand our small business to better serve folks who menstruate by bringing Kind Cup to more people who are looking for a superior period product.

Kickstarter campaign coincides with our Official National Launch!

Since our local launch in fall 2019, Kind Cup has already gained attention and support from cup experts in the menstrual product industry, as well as glowing reviews from new and experienced cup users alike for the innovative design and resulting product experience. Whether you've been part of our journey from the start, or just recently discovered us, please help us spread the word with all of your friends by forwarding, following, or reposting from our social media accounts!

Instagram: @kind.cup
Facebook: Kind Cup

Special Discount in Honor of our National Launch!

In honor of our National Launch, we will be running a promotion for our existing Size Regular cup where a limited number of people will get 20% off using code: LAUNCHSPECIAL20 at checkout on our website. Click here to order!

Thank you all for being a part of this journey!

Kind Cup Size Regular and Small inside orange heart

Christine Brown
Christine Brown

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