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November 23, 2021 1 min read

Menstrual cups are a tough category to provide Black Friday sales in. Let's be honest - it's not like our vaginas need to upgrade to the latest version of tech that big companies are trying to offload at the end of each year... our vaginas just need the best period product to do the job.

Luckily, with Kind Cup, our customers experience savings, comfort, and convenience every month.

Besides, we've put so much value and intention into the innovative design, quality, and overall sustainability of our product that offering a big sale means we would not be able to sustain our small, independent business, or create our product with the same high quality and sustainability standards that we pride ourselves on. 

For those who want to save a few more dollars upfront, we get it! That's why we make that option easy by joining our mailing list on our website. After all, we'd much rather gain another Kind Cup fan while helping you save hundreds of dollars in the process by using our reusable period product instead of single-use pads and tampons each month. Plus, Kind Cup really just makes periods so much better, so each new customer truly makes us excited since creating a more positive experience for as many people as possible is our goal!

For those already following us on social media or on our e-mail list, you know we also offer exclusive sales during opportunities that reflect our overall ethos and values as a brand, such as our Earth Day sale (I have a feeling that might become a tradition, but who knows!).

Christine Brown
Christine Brown

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