Heritage Goods Journal Interview

Heritage Goods & Supply
Kind Cup

Did you know that Heritage Goods & Supply carries Kind Cup? Located in our hometown of Carpinteria, California, the shop is one of the local retailers where you can find Kind Cup. In a recent interview, Heritage Goods catches up with Kind Cup founder Christine Brown. Click here to read the full article, or check out a snippet below.

After just recently launching, how has the community received your creations?

I've had a few pop-ups locally, and it's incredible when customers share after even just one cycle that they absolutely love their Kind Cup. I've had some folks who bought it from one of the local retail shops, so I had no idea they already were Kind Cup users, approach full of smiles and share that it's the best cup they've ever used and are already telling all their friends. Having just launched a little over two months ago, and hearing from folks who are beaming about their experience, it's been almost surreal yet incredibly humbling to have been able to provide such a positive period product for our users.
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