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September 02, 2021 3 min read

When I founded Kind Cup in 2017, I set out to make an innovative menstrual cup that offered a better user experience than what the market was offering at the time. What started as a series of 2D sketches on paper, is now a patented product that gives you a positive experience with your period (finally!).

This newly patented technology means that our reusable menstrual cup is intentionally designed to better fit the natural curves and movements of your body. Our ergonomically correct design makes us unique from traditional bullet-shaped cups. Kind Cup is ridiculously easy to use, comfortable, and the cup seal means you don’t have to worry about leaks. We even forget we are on our period when wearing it! It’s just that great. See what makes us stand out for yourself and get your own cup today.


What exactly did we patent?

Patent 11,096,819 B2 means that the Kind Cup has:

  • Ease of Use: Functional pressure points aid in the insertion, opening, and removal of the cup.
  • Leak-free: Major design elements support intuitive shape which create a reliable seal.
  • Comfort: Designed with minimized pressure in sensitive areas, the cup’s rim and body are form-fitting to exert less pressure while offering an ideal fit for a variety of users. The removal stem can be adapted to any length depending on the user, is unnoticeable yet sturdy and long enough for those with a higher cervix. 


Unlike single-use products such as pads or tampons that need to be changed every few hours, you can wear our cup up to 12 hours before emptying. No more dealing with changing your tampon every few hours - Kind Cup has the collection capacity of six regular tampons and can be reused up to ten years, making it the sustainable and obvious choice for customers!

First time cup users and cup experts alike are amazed with their overall comfort and experience using our cup. Unlike traditional, cone-shaped cups, we are intentionally designed to anatomically fit the natural curvature of our bodies. We’ve patented over 20 design elements that put the user experience first. The elongated removal stem makes reaching your cup for removal a breeze, and our unique curvature minimizes pressure on the bladder and colon while increasing the overall capacity for collecting menstrual fluids. This makes periods more comfortable and hassle free.

We launched our innovative design in November of 2019, and now have a full product line offering with two cup sizes, allowing customization and ideal fit for a greater range of customers.

Despite being a bootstrapped startup, we’ve created a new industry standard by using high quality, sustainable materials throughout - sourcing and manufacturing everything within a two hour driving radius of my hometown here in California. We’ve also committed from day one to increasing access to those traditionally underserved in an effort to reduce period poverty.

You might be wondering, how did Kind Cup designer and founder, Christine Brown decide to design and launch a medical device company? Brown, a longtime cup fan and user, waited for years to see improvements in this space. But after seeing more of the same, as a design enthusiast, Brown decided to create the needed improvements. It took a ton of work, dedication, and support from others who believed in our vision.

At Kind Cup, we strive to make periods a more positive experience with exceptional products that are better for our bodies and the planet. Thank you for learning more about us and how collectively, we can create positive change.


Christine Brown
Christine Brown

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