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December 31, 2019 3 min read

Hello Kind Cup Friends and Fans,

As I reflect on this past year, I’m filled with gratitude and excitement -- gratitude because of everyone who came together to make our launch a reality, and excitement for everything yet to come in this new year. Thanks to all of you, Kind Cup is already making a difference in the lives of our users!

Kind Cup - 2019 Year End Newsletter

Kind Cup users are reaching out daily to let us know that this is the most comfortable, effective -- best cup (and even period product) they’ve ever used. It’s hard to put into words how much joy I feel and how humbled I am that we could provide this high quality product for our users that feels and works great while reducing waste and saving money. Yes, a learning curve and taking time to practice and get used to a new product is completely natural, but I’m thrilled that the initial uptake with our unique design has been such a success for so many new and experienced users!

Those who know me personally will not be surprised when I share that I’m constantly open to and thinking of ways to continue making improvements and that we have exciting goals ahead for 2020!

One aspect that kept me going in the years leading up until now was realizing the positive impact this product could make and wanting to personally take action and do something about it. It took one visit to Direct Relief, listening to and meeting with members of their team to determine they would be a great partner in this mission. Our donation of 150 cups from our initial production run of 1,000 cups is the first ever donation of menstrual cups Direct Relief has received. Seven of their women’s reproductive health clinics and free clinics throughout their U.S. network are getting their first Kind Cup shipment this week! The health clinics requested 231 units, so are clearly excited to place 150 of our high quality, sustainable menstrual cups with individuals who have low income or who are experiencing homelessness. As Kind Cup grows, we are eager to increase our commitment to reducing period poverty and welcome creative collaborations with others who want to support that goal.


Why Kind Cup?


Lastly, our recent launch would not have been possible without the ongoing support of my family, friends, and incredible team. They’ve been the sounding board of countless ideas and were the ones who believed in this vision and supported our mission from the start. Exactly one year ago this month, with a non-provisional utility patent filed and prototype in hand, I was ready to put the concept in motion and needed capital that exceeded my part-time teaching salary. Family and friends stepped up with unwavering support to enable Kind Cup to take the leap and kick off the tooling and manufacturing process. May through October 2019 consisted of tooling and manufacturing our cup; designing and manufacturing our linen carry bag, packaging and instructions; developing our website and marketing materials; trademarking; and implementing our Quality Management System as part of the FDA requirements. WEV came through in the final pre-launch stretch with a loan that helped get us through the launch. (Read more about their support in this lovely write-up.) As you can imagine, completing all of this took dedication and teamwork from countless incredible individuals -- each of whom have been instrumental to the positive impact we’ve made so far, and helped create the foundation for the exciting journey ahead.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!


With gratitude,


-CB & the Kind Cup Team

Kind Cup Designer & Founder Christine Brown

Emily Morrill
Emily Morrill

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