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Kind Cup Menstrual Cup - Size Regular

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Includes one 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup (Size Regular), earth-friendly linen carry bag, and printed instructions for use including tips & FAQs.

Kind Cup Size Regular suggested for:
- ages 20s and up (due to our unique shape)
- those with an average to high cervix
- those who have had a full term pregnancy

(Kind Cup Size Small will be available soon, and is specifically designed for younger users, those with a lower cervix, and folks who prefer a smaller cup.)
PLEASE NOTE: do not cut the stem until after several uses to be sure you will be able to reach your cup from the base. Read more tips here.

You know your body and needs best. These are general suggestions to help guide you.
All of our high quality, sustainable materials are sourced and manufactured within two hours of our company location in California.
Each purchase helps support our Kind Impact and overall commitment to increasing menstrual cup access to those in traditionally underserved communities.

*We currently only ship within the United States due to regulatory requirements, but plan to offer international shipping in the future!*

FSA/HSA reimbursement eligible by submitting your receipt to your FSA/HSA provider as per section 3702 of the CARES Act.
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Caroline M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Zero leaks. Zero. Comfortable (unnoticeable) once in. Follow instructions and it’ll happen; takes practice but absolutely worth it. Don’t have to think about it except twice a day. Easy to clean. I’ve tried two other brands and both leaked and both required more frequent emptying. (I have been pregnant but not given birth vaginally, for size reference.) Also of note: when it arrived I couldn’t have been more pleased by the small footprint— there was no extra packaging whatsoever. It was just a tiny box with the product in it. No plastic. Perfect. Thoughtful conscientious smart company.

United States United States
I recommend this product

When I first tried this cup, I couldn't get it to work. I had tried and struggled with a Diva Cup in the past, and thought this cup would be better for me because of its curved design and long string-like stem. After reaching out to Support and receiving some VERY helpful tips, I realized the reason it wasn't working for me was because I was doing all the extra steps that would have been necessary if it were a diva cup! (Thank god it's not.) Now I follow the Kind Cup instructions to a T and have the most comfortable, simple, waste-free, stress-free, leak-free periods I've ever had. The string is long enough for my high cervix, the silicone is soft enough not to feel it, and the company is kind enough to give them a hug! Truly miraculous for people with periods.

Erika H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Quality Cup

I have tried over 20 menstrual cups and this cup is at the top of the list! It is easy to insert, comfortable to wear and very accessible if you have a high cervix (which says a lot!). The stem is sturdy without being bothersome - although it can be trimmed if desired. What more can you ask for!? Did I mention NO LEAKS!!!? After trying other ergonomically-shaped cups and striking out I was hesitant to try the Kind cup. Based on the recommendation of a friend I made the leap and bought it. So glad I did. Once you hold it in your hands you know it's well made. Anyone who has felt a cheap cup knows the difference. If Kind cup were to add colors it would give me an excuse to purchase another one! Some grip rings wouldn't hurt either :-) Bottom line: if you want a cup that opens easy but is still comfortable this is your cup!

United States United States
I recommend this product
You won’t regret it

Very positive! I didn’t have a good experience with the diva cup however I’ve been wanting to be more environmentally conscious. So I decided to roll the dice again. I’m really glad I did. Onwards to a better and cheaper future!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Great cup!

I love how flexible and comfortable the Kind Cup is! The design is perfect. I’m looking forward to trying the small size when it is released! For first time cup users, just use your patience and go slow when it’s time to remove the cup. It takes some practice to be able to get a good grip on the cup base, but it’s doable and worth it to have a larger-capacity cup that sits so comfortably.

United States United States
I recommend this product
The Golden Cup

I have tried 4 other cups from 3 other brands, and this is the best one I’ve used. The material is softer than the others so you don’t feel it while wearing. This softer material also makes me feel more confident that I have a secure fit with no leaks since it’s more likely to expand once inserted. It also sits nicely over the pubic bone; other cups sometimes felt like they were migrating out after a period of time. The design for this one ensures it stays put. It’s also not as messy to empty out as others. Inserting it does take some practice; it requires a different technique than other cups due to making sure you insert it the right side. I wish you had a smaller size so I could get one for my pre-teen daughter. I 10/10 would recommend this to anyone considering a menstrual cup.

Rachel Z.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Hands down best menstrual cup on the market!

After having 2 kids and trying to create a clean lifestyle for all of us I knew I had to get rid of my tampons but I was really nervous to do so. I had tried a couple other cups and was disappointed. Kind cup truly is for everyone and handles any flow. I sleep with it, wear it all day, easily clean it. I never feel it. Love this product!!!

Corey S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
All around perfect cup!

I have tested a lot of cups, and most worked okay but were pretty uncomfortable to wear all day. I always had issues with feeling pressure and discomfort with other cups. When I have the kind cup in I can’t even feel it. The kind cup is so comfortable, leak free, and easy to insert. Super happy with this cup and would recommend to all, always stoked to support local business as well. This product is definitely worth the investment :)

Jocelyn .
United States United States
I recommend this product
I Actually Look Forward To My Period...

Well, maybe not the whole PMS, being an emotional mess part, but the whole physical bleeding part? Yeah, I don’t mind that at all anymore. I have purchased seven cups/discs overall. The first cup I purchased actually works fairly well for me (and I do still use it at times), but it can be messy at times-I wanted the perfect cup for me. The Kind cup was my most recent, but final, menstrual cup purchase and I love it. The first time I used it, it opened up easily and sealed well. No leaks! I have a high cervix and not the greatest mobility, so the long stem was vital for me to help me locate the bottom of my cup to remove. I also love the firmness of this cup and that it’s ergonomic, i.e. doesn’t make me feel like I have to pee ever fifteen minutes! I definitely recommend this cup to try to any person who is having trouble with a high cervix or may have bladder issues.

Loren C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Newer Cup User

I've been using the mini Organi-Cup (which I still love) but the Kind Cup has been gentler, it pops open easier and has made my periods feel like a normal day. Love what the company stands for and I recommend Kind Cup to anyone I can!

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