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Kind Cup Menstrual Cup - Size Regular

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Looking for a menstrual cup that is comfortable, effective, and intuitive to use? You've found it! Our patent pending ergonomic design provides you with lasting, effective comfort, and folks are loving it!

The cup experts at Put A Cup In It "love it because it's easy (to use) and it really just works."

YouTube reviewer ItsJustKelli exclaims Kind Cup is "tied for my first favorite all-time cup" and that "it worked. No leaking whatsoever, no cramps. Like it worked superbly - I loved it!"

Kind Cup Size Regular suggested for those:
- with a medium/average to high cervix
- who are aged 20s and up (due to our unique shape)
- who have had a full term pregnancy are also able to use this size cup

(Kind Cup Size Small will be available in the future, and is specifically designed for younger users, those with a lower cervix, and folks who prefer a smaller cup.)

Click here to see product details, measurements, capacity.

Includes one 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup (Size Regular), earth-friendly linen carry bag, and printed instructions for use including tips & FAQs.

PLEASE NOTE: do not cut the stem until after several uses to be sure you will be able to reach your cup from the base. Read more tips here.

*We currently only ship within the United States due to regulatory requirements, but plan to offer international shipping in the future!*

As always, we are here to support your experience, so reach out if you have any questions for us. :)
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Kate .
United States United States
I recommend this product
really intelligently designed

I loved the kind cup. The texture is much softer than the other cup I had used, and the shape is a game changer. The asymmetrical shape accurately reflects vaginal anatomy, which is such a simple concept, but so rarely implemented in the menstrual cup market. This is the only time I've used a cup and genuinely forgotten that it was in my body. The stem also doesn't bother me (the stem on my last cup caused a lot of irritation.) In addition, the cup doesn't slip or move even if I leave it in for 12 hours, and it doesn't move during exercise either. I've never not had to adjust a cup before! Finally, I can leave it in for a full work day day, and it doesn't leak, which is fantastic. This is the first time I've trusted a menstrual cup on its own. And I like the sleek look, too. This is a fabulous product, and it's also great to know it's body-safe given the lack of safety regulations for menstrual products. I'm so happy this intelligently and ethically designed product exists!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Pleasantly surprised; easy to use

My go-to cups have been the Lunette 1 and Saalt Soft small with punch-down fold for the past year. I have a high cervix and the stems on these models have previously been easiest for me to work with. I knew that I would need a larger capacity cup as I plan to change my birth control soon and expect heavier periods. Kind Cup caught my attention for its design and stem, and I bought it thinking that I wouldn't need to use it right away. On a whim, I decided to try it out this week and was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience. It took a couple tries to get in, but after I changed my fold to a 7-fold, it seemed to navigate itself right into place. I am also accustomed to double and triple-checking the seal with my other cups, so I was excited to discover that the Kind Cup opened and sealed on the first entry. Similarly, I was worried that the Kind Cup would feel too large or cause discomfort, but once in place it felt no different than my go-to cups. I also didn't notice the long stem at all, and if anything, it was especially comforting to know that I could find it easily the next morning! Overall, if Kind Cup had been my first-ever menstrual cup purchase, I have to believe that I wouldn't have needed to buy the others. Keep up the great work, Kind Cup team!

Kayla V.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent purchase

My Kind Cup has been a great purchase. This is my second menstrual cup and kind cup is far superior to the first (my first was a Diva Cup)! The ergonomic design is very comfortable and doesn't push on anything that it shouldn't. There haven't been any issues with leaking when I shouldn't. And it cleans off easily. Also, I love that the little tote isn't pink. Just because it's related to menstruation doesn't mean I want to carry around a little pink bag. Thank you Kind Cup!

Maria .
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great cup for tilted uterus and high cervix

I have high Cervix, strong pelvic muscles, long vaginal canal and retroverted uterus. I had 2 large babies via C-section. As you can imagine, I have had some issues with cup retrieval and appropriate seal. This is the only cup that has worked for me for most of my period and I have tried over 12 different cups/brands . Unfortunately, on my heaviest day the cup is filled every 90 min or so. I have reached out to the owner to consider higher capacity cups and hopefully this will happen in the near future. I am giving a five stars as there is not a single product on the market that is similar to Kind Cup. As I matter of fact, I am planning to purchase another one to have as a spare cup. Pros: Great design in regards ti shape, great balance of soft/firm, easily opens, long stem Cons: not available in larger capacity

Bethany P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Superior Design Worth Trying Again

My previous experience with menstrual cups was frustrating and uncomfortable. The different shaping of this cup made sense to me as a potential improvement, so I tried it out. I found the more flexible material much easier to work with, and the shape significantly more comfortable! I'm still on the learning curve with it, but feel more confident I'll be able to figure out what works.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Wasn't for me

I think the overall design is groundbreaking but i think it needs to be reconsidered. The size especially.

Kind Cup

Thank you for your honest feedback and appreciation for what we were going for in this overall design :) Exciting news is that we are diligently working on bringing our Size Small cup to the market (which incorporates some great design elements)! However, with current events, Covid, that timeline has been pushed back from our initial goal. That said, since our unique, ergonomic design is different from traditional cups, it's totally okay if it takes a cycle or two to determine the best way to have success with your body. Many users have success their first day/cycle, but it's totally normal and okay if it takes longer. Our website has some tips and tricks, and of course we are also here to provide more info and suggestions if you reach out directly (info@kindcup.com) for support. We love helping our customers experience success with their Kind Cup!

Emily H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Out of this world!

I am so happy with this product. I really prefer to use a menstral cup but I had only ever had the Diva cup and it always Leake or felt like I could never get it right. The first cycle that I got to use my KIND cup it was so easy and no leaks! I am really happy to see that this company is actually taking into account the shape of a woman’s body and not just continuing to do the same thing like everyone else.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Leave the stem on!

I LOVE my Kind Cup! This is the second cup I've tried and I immediately loved the fit and comfort. It was easy to use and I didn't feel it once in. When it was in initially I felt the stem but it was like the feeling of a tampon string, there but not uncomfortable. Unfortunately I trimmed the stem and it became uncomfortable when I sat down. I wish I had not trimmed the stem because it wasn't uncomfortable before and it was very flexible. I will be purchasing another because I liked it so much! Just try it a few cycles with the stem before cutting it like I did!

Alena .
I recommend this product
Five Stars

I've used the Diva Cup brand menstrual brand for many years, so I am familiar with cup use. Kind Cup is much more comfortable--it's a better fit, and more leak-proof when properly inserted. I am a huge fan of menstrual cups in general--so much less waste and really comfortable wearing for longer periods of time than a tampon or pads. I have a really active lifestyle, and Kind Cup suits me perfectly. Thank you!

United States United States
I recommend this product
The second cup I've tried

This is only the second cup I've tried but so far it's much more comfortable than my other cup. I took the quiz from Put A Cup In It and this cup was one of my suggestions. I liked that it had a different shape than other menstrual cups I've looked into buying. The kind Cup was easy to insert and once I had the cup in i couldn't even feel it. I like that it also has the longer stem so I can remove the cup easily. I'm so excited about this cup I'll probably even order a second one just to have a extra one.

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