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Kind Cup menstrual cup with carry bag, box and instructions
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Kind Cup Menstrual Cup - Size Regular

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Includes one 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cup (Size Regular), earth-friendly linen carry bag, and printed instructions for use including tips & FAQs.

Kind Cup Size Regular suggested for those:
- with a medium/average to high cervix
- who are aged 20s and up (due to our unique shape)
- who have had a full term pregnancy are also able to use this size cup

Unique ergonomic shape offers larger capacity (25ml suggested, or 35ml if to the brim), while providing form-fitting comfort for a wide range of users.

See product image for cup dimensions.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not cut off the removal stem unless you know you will be able to reach and remove the cup from the base. Read more tips here.

(Kind Cup Size Small will be available in the future, and is specifically designed for younger users, those with a lower cervix, and folks who prefer a smaller cup.)
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Alena .
I recommend this product
Five Stars

I've used the Diva Cup brand menstrual brand for many years, so I am familiar with cup use. Kind Cup is much more comfortable--it's a better fit, and more leak-proof when properly inserted. I am a huge fan of menstrual cups in general--so much less waste and really comfortable wearing for longer periods of time than a tampon or pads. I have a really active lifestyle, and Kind Cup suits me perfectly. Thank you!

United States United States
I recommend this product
The second cup I've tried

This is only the second cup I've tried but so far it's much more comfortable than my other cup. I took the quiz from Put A Cup In It and this cup was one of my suggestions. I liked that it had a different shape than other menstrual cups I've looked into buying. The kind Cup was easy to insert and once I had the cup in i couldn't even feel it. I like that it also has the longer stem so I can remove the cup easily. I'm so excited about this cup I'll probably even order a second one just to have a extra one.

United States United States
I recommend this product

This is my first menstrual cup and I love it! My ONLY issue is that it's a little too large *for me* so I have occasional soreness after use. The stem was easy to alter to help combat this. Even with the soreness, I still prefer it to anything else I've tried. The shape is great and I love how flexible the ring is. I've checked out two other cups since getting the Kind Cup and was shocked at how stiff/hard the rings were. I definitely recommend. I'm looking forward to when they make a smaller version!

Tania T.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Perfect cup for me!

Saw this cup on PACII Instagram and I HAD to try it! It is so incredibly comfortable! The stem is meant to be cut to the desired length but I kept it all and it hangs out a tad but is unnoticeable. I tried to first insert with the punch down fold (punched down the short side) and I couldn’t get the cup around my cervix. I like my fold facing down so I actually had to fold the longer side if that makes sense. Today I did the half diamond fold and it went in and popped open perfectly, I didn’t have to mess with it at all. No leaks, can’t feel it. The rim is on the soft side but the body is a tad firmer than the rim.

Constance C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Lasting comfort

Easy to insert and remove, holds a lot, soft but opens easily after insertion.

United States United States
I recommend this product
First Time User, Completely Hooked

It took me years to even embrace the idea of trying a menstrual cup. I thought it was only for hippies and underwater basket weavers, my Tampax suited me just fine. A friend suggested Kind Cup after I complained about being up all night changing my Tampax at least three times while trying to sleep. The first few days of my period are always the roughest. I gave in and tried Kind Cup with limited knowledge of menstrual cups. It took me a little longer than a tampon to get used to inserting it but within 5 minutes of having it in, the cup adjusted itself and I barely noticed it was there. I was able to sleep a full night without having to get up to empty it, wow! What a relief. I wouldn't call myself a pro by any stretch but I'm completely hooked on this thing and I'll never rely on tampons again.

A Kind Cup Customer
Julia B.
I recommend this product
i love it!

This is by far the best cup I have used. So grateful that you created it. I love the angle and the softness of the material. I have been telling my friends to get it!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Love my Kind Cup

This is my first cup and I’m so happy with the switch. The Kind Cup is easy to use and comes with great information about how to use and care for the product. I love that I can use it over and over without generating waste. I love that I can ignore it all day. And I love supporting a small, female-led business. HUGE fan of the Kind Cup!

I recommend this product
Love at first try!

I had been looking for a menstrual cup for a while—reading reviews, talking to friends about their cups, etc—when I came across Kind Cup at a local Farmer’s Market. I have never owned nor used any type of menstrual cup and was a little apprehensive at first. After talking with the creator/designer/owner of Kind Cup, I felt confident in trying it out. Using Kind Cup for the first time was a breeze; just read and followed the explicit directions. The cup is comfortable to wear, nearly undetectable unless you flex. Getting a proper seal is important to prevent leakage; mine did not leak on me throughout my whole cycle! I have a size regular cup and it never was full beyond half. I changed it in the morning when I got up and at night before bed. I am so happy I found Kind Cup! So happy not to have leaking tampons and dirty tampon-strings to fish out of crevices. The best part about having a menstrual cup is that I save money, energy, water, and resources while reduce waste! Kind Cup is a solid investment for me and the planet!

United States United States
I recommend this product
First cup tried and love it

Up until trying Kind Cup I’d always used tampons but hated the fact that they created such waste, plus weren’t always a good period solution for various reasons. This cup fits comfortably and is effective for long periods of time. I can do yoga, run, cycle, etc and not have to worry about leakage or discomfort. Tbh I’ll never go back to tampons!

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