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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We're as local as the California poppies!
Meet Christine Brown, Alison Van Der Kar, and Emily Morrill.

Kind Cup founder Christine Brown is the driving force behind all that we do. Brown's vision of creating a menstrual cup that sets a new standard for quality, sustainability, and accessibility is truly inspiring. A sixth-generation Carpinterian, Brown is a part-time avocado farmer, American Sign Language teacher and advocate, and world traveler extraordinaire!
Quality manager Alison Van Der Kar navigates the FDA and regulatory world, patiently translates regulatory jargon into English, and helps formalize the creative, practical, and complex design process and steps. Our procedures ensure we are always providing the absolute best possible product for our customers. Alison can also be found teaching yoga, strolling the beach with her husband Simon and their French Bulldog, Byron, and even hosting our monthly book club!
Web and graphic designer Emily Morrill converts Christine's files and paper cut-out concepts into the beautiful print and online versions that can be seen on the shelf and on the web. A working artist, Emily maintains a studio and gallery space in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone.
Intern Helena Littman spent summer 2019 working with us full time before returning back to Mount Holyoke for her senior year. A huge shout out to her for lining up our marketing - follow us on Facebook (Kind Cup) and Instagram (@kind.cup) for the latest updates.
Our artist, Rachel Pallmeyer, contributed immensely to our vision of beautiful and whimsical artwork conveying concepts that will help transform how we see and engage with our bodies and the completely natural process of menstruation. Trust us, this is no small feat, but folks from Mount Holyoke are rather tenacious!
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