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I’ve used different menstrual cups for years and this is the best one I’ve tried!

Kind Cup is one-of-a-kind. Its unique shape and feel make it a great fit for a first time cup user!

This is the most comfortable menstrual cup I've ever used. It's no surprise that the understanding of anatomy and sexual health that Kind Cup demonstrates throughout their materials translates to a product designed to accommodate the body, not the other way around.

Really appreciated no leakage, which I often experience with other cups.

I don’t think I’ll ever switch back to tampons or conventional pads and this is the best menstrual cup I’ve used so far.

I found the cup to be incredibly comfortable and once I practiced making sure it was up far enough and I was suctioned it sealed properly a couple times using your instructions - I didn’t feel it. I’m still getting used to trusting that it’s not going to leak, but I think I just need to keep using it. It feels better to have that up there than a wad of cotton which I feel is irritating to my vag! Definitely would recommend using this.

I LOVE it for nighttime since I can keep it in for much longer than a tampon.

I love the quality and feel of the silicone, it’s so much more comfortable for removal than my previous cup.

I liked the feel of the material, the customizable removal stem, and the overall eco- and socially-conscious method of the product.

It was pretty easy to figure out, and much more preferable to tampons that never fit precisely.

I love the shape of this cup! Really fit my body well. I can't normally use a larger capacity cup comfortably, but this one worked really well.

I think the material is great. The firmness of the Diva Cup really causes me constipation issues and that can be really uncomfortable. That the material is much more flexible really helps keep me regular and pain free.

The feel is just so much softer and more flexible feeling than the Diva Cup. The shape, when inserted properly, felt comfortable.

The softer cup is super easy to insert. I’ve use the same diva cup for years and it has a much firmer shape. Because of this it will often pop open before its fully inserted which can be uncomfortable or painful. I didn’t experience this discomfort at all with this cup.

the best part of the removal stem is that it will make women who are worried about the cup being "too high" or "getting lost" more confident in finding and removing their cup. It is reminiscent of (but way less gross than) a tampon string

I used it while horseback riding and didn't feel a thing, which to me is the ultimate test.

The design was comfortable and effective - no leaks.

I couldn't feel it create a seal, but it totally has. It really locks in there.

I was really wondering how Kind Cup could be different from other cups I have tried but the design is very unique and effective.

I use both a cup and cloth pads. I probably won't switch to using a cup exclusively, but I will continue to use the Kind Cup over my other cups.

Stayed clean through the whole cycle.

I found this to be overall user friendly!

Really phenomenal product

The material feels almost silky and high-quality.

The long stem was easy to locate for removal.

The shape seems more natural than other cups I've used in the past.

the fold/seam feature was new to me and made a big difference.

The feel is way softer/pliable than other cups and seems to allow for more flexibility in inserting/removing.

The removal stem is softer. I like that it starts really long and can be adjusted to preference, I also like that it's thinner.

It is slightly larger (ring and volume) than my other cup that I have been using for ~1yr. That made me a little nervous, but it fits great!

It is soft and flexible. It seems to have a shape that fits my body better.

I love the feel of it and the long stem!

It took about a half hour to get used to it and then I didn't feel anything.

I loved it! It was my first time using a cup. There wasn't any leakage, and it was comfortable compared to tampons. I like that you can urinate with the cup in and the stem doesn't absorb liquid (like a tampon string does).

I love the shape of this cup and the thoughtful design that went into the cup and packaging!

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