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Our Story & Mission

Our Story

The Kind Cup story begins in summer 2011, the weekend of D.C. Pride, with Christine Brown, Kind Cup founder / adventurer / inventor / educator / avocado farmer. Brown noticed a menstrual cup in a friend’s home, and wondered what the mysterious object was. After learning about cups and switching to one, it was immediately clear -- there was no going back to pads or tampons! Feeling better physically, saving money, and no longer contributing to period waste, Brown had ideas and desires for cup design improvements bouncing around in their head. In a conversation in 2015, Brown’s father (who knew nothing about cups) listened to the ideas of improving cup functionality and design, increasing awareness of this sustainable product, and improving access, and after about two minutes, he said “Go for it!”

With more positive feedback coming in from those around Brown, the wheels were in motion and in winter of 2016 Brown completed the Women's Economic Ventures (WEV) program to fully flesh out the business plan and connect with local entrepreneurs. The LLC in was formed in 2017, the day after Brown's 30th birthday, and in 2018-2019 the design, prototyping, and manufacturing process was underway. From the start, Kind Cup sourced the highest quality raw materials and qualified experts to manufacture our cup here in California. We did the same with the carry bag, packaging, and instructions for use. Developing our online content and resources came next. Throughout the process, technical elements and procedures were organized in binders filled with paperwork representing years of work culminating in patent and trademark filing, FDA registration, and eventually product launch!


Our Mission

Kind Cup's mission is to support women, girls, and folks who menstruate by creating products that are comfortable and functional through great design, while using the highest quality, locally-sourced, sustainable materials. Kind Cup believes everyone should be empowered to reach their full potential, and that our cup is one step towards achieving that goal.

Our Philosophy

At the core of Kind Cup is the belief that everyone should have access to healthy, reliable, and sustainable menstrual products, and that our own well-being is deeply tied to the well-being of others.

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