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Christine Brown with Kind Cup boxes

Kind Cup designer & founder Christine Brown's vision of creating a menstrual cup that sets a new standard for quality, sustainability, and accessibility is truly inspiring. Optimizing the user experience through great design has long been an area of interest, and menstrual cups were overdue for innovation! Brown has a deep appreciation for nature and lives in the middle of an avocado orchard in California.

Quality/Regulatory Consultant & Management Representative - Morris Sherwood

Quality/Regulatory Consultant & Management Representative Morris Sherwood joins our local team with a wealth of knowledge regarding the FDA and regulatory world of medical devices. Beyond supporting our goals of providing the best possible product for our customers, Morris enjoys digital sound processing, photography, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Web and Graphic Designer Emily Morrill

Web and graphic designer Emily Morrill converts Christine's files and paper cut-out concepts into the beautiful print and online versions that can be seen on the shelf and on the web. A working artist, Emily maintains a studio and gallery space in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone.

Duy Nguyen

Rubber Industry Design and Manufacturing Advisor/Consultant Duy Nguyen was instrumental in converting Brown's 2D sketches and design concepts into machine readable files ready for manufacturing. He provided insight into the design and manufacturing world and was diligent and patient as we worked to bring true product innovation to our users through Kind Cup's unique design.

Artist Rachel Pallmeyer

Our artist, Rachel Pallmeyer, contributed immensely to our vision of beautiful and whimsical artwork conveying concepts that will help transform how we see and engage with our bodies and the completely natural process of menstruation. Trust us, this is no small feat, but folks from Mount Holyoke are rather tenacious!

Intern Maya Reinstein

Intern Maya Reinstein is working with us on marketing and social media for fall 2020 while taking a gap year from Mount Holyoke College. They spend the majority of their time designing, picking up new hobbies, traveling, and being in nature.


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The Kind Cup story begins in summer 2011, the weekend of D.C. Pride, with Christine Brown, Kind Cup founder / adventurer / inventor / educator / avocado farmer. Brown noticed a menstrual cup sitting out on a bedroom cabinet in a friend’s home, and wondered what the mysterious object was. After learning about period cups and switching to one, it was immediately clear -- there was no going back to pads or tampons! Feeling better physically, saving money, and no longer contributing to period waste, Brown had ideas and desires for cup design improvements bouncing around in their head. In a conversation in 2015, Brown’s father (who knew nothing about menstrual cups) listened to the ideas of improving menstrual cup functionality and design, increasing awareness of this sustainable tampon alternative, and improving access, and after about two minutes, he said “Go for it!”

Basket with Kind Cups and avocados

With more positive feedback coming in from those around Brown, the wheels were in motion and in winter of 2016 Brown completed the Women's Economic Ventures (WEV) program to fully flesh out the business plan and connect with local entrepreneurs. The LLC in was formed in 2017, the day after Brown's 30th birthday, and in 2018-2019 the design, prototyping, and manufacturing process was underway. From the start, Kind Cup sourced the highest quality raw materials and qualified experts to manufacture our ergonomic menstrual cup here in California. We did the same with the carry bag, packaging, and instructions for use. Developing our online content and resources came next. Throughout the process, technical elements and procedures were organized in binders filled with paperwork representing years of work culminating in patent and trademark filing, FDA registration, and eventually product launch!

Kind Cup Menstrual Cup


Kind Cup's mission is to support women, girls, and folks who menstruate by creating products that are comfortable and functional through great design, while using the highest quality, locally-sourced, sustainable materials. Kind Cup believes everyone should be empowered to reach their full potential, and that our menstrual cup is one step towards achieving that goal.


At the core of Kind Cup is the belief that everyone should have access to healthy, reliable, and sustainable menstrual products, and that our own well-being is deeply tied to the well-being of others.


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We love nature and are passionate about our responsibility to become better stewards of the earth.

Yes, we wanted to make a great product, but comfort, reliability -- great design isn't only about designing an awesome new cup. For us it also meant redefining the pre-production, production, and packaging process to minimize our environmental footprint.

In fact, our entire materials sourcing and manufacturing/production happens within a two hour driving radius, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. (Might even be a record within the cup industry!)

From the earth-friendly linen bag and highest quality raw materials for manufacturing, to the local print shop and FSC-certified (sustainably sourced) paper stocks, Kind Cup has created a new standard that is great for you and the environment.

Christine and Emily at V3 Printing

Brown (founder) and Morrill (web/graphic designer) approving first print

Print samples and color guide at V3 printing

Quality control -- getting the details right!

We care about what is placed in our bodies and did the research to select a high quality, medical-grade silicone that meets US FDA regulations. The silicone is well-suited and appropriate for the collection of menstrual fluids and conforms to the following biological testing protocols: systemic toxicity, intracutaneous toxicity, and 7-day implant.

Please contact us with any questions. Email info@kindcup.com or visit our contact page.


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We are committed to raising the bar on menstrual cup design, quality, and access, and welcome partners who can increase awareness and create social impact by working to help reduce period poverty.

With many local and international organizations already doing fantastic work, we decided early on that we didn't want to reinvent the wheel when it came to our social justice component of increasing awareness and access to this sustainable menstrual product.

Kind Cup team at Direct Relief warehouse

That's why we've chosen to work with select partners such as Direct Relief who can use their incredible distribution network to get Kind Cup into the hands of those who might not otherwise have access to period products. 

Kind Cup was honored and excited to provide Direct Relief with their first ever donation of menstrual cups! On November 25, 2019, 150 Kind Cups were donated and were distributed to seven women’s reproductive health clinics and free clinics throughout their U.S. network. A second small donation was made on March 6, 2020. The cups are providing crucial, high quality, and sustainable period care to those with low income or who are experiencing homelessness. To date, our cups have gone to facilities in Virginia, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Texas, Nevada, and nine locations throughout our home state of California. These facilities provide care to underserved communities.

Click here for a podcast by Direct Relief on the topic of period poverty and menstrual cups. Kind Cup founder Christine Brown is included in the discussion.

In the future, both Kind Cup and Direct Relief hope to be able to expand access to menstrual cups for those in need.

Kind Impact Report

Want to help support our Kind Impact? You can pay it forward by making a donation.

All donations will go towards a fund that will be specifically used to help cover the cost of cups that we donate to our non-profit partners. If you would like to pay it forward, you will become one of our active partners in helping to reduce period poverty and increase access to a high quality, sustainable menstrual product that can truly make an impact. We will continue to donate all that we can as we grow, but with your additional support, it will bring us closer to meeting the needs of those in the Direct Relief network. Information from all collected funds and donations will be updated on this page periodically.

Donations can be made by adding a Kind Impact donation to your cart in our Store, or by adding a donation at checkout.

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Are you as passionate about menstrual justice and eradicating period poverty as we are? Want to learn how to get involved? Contact us!

The movement is now. The future is in our hands - join us.

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